If you are our guest, a typical day with us may look like this:

We will pick you up directly at your hotel in Central Switzerland (E.G. one of our partner hotels) and we will drive you all day in one of our Porsche cars (Porsche Carrera or for more guests: Porsche Macan or Porsche Cayenne); we will cruise panoramic roads to the places of your wish; we will also use cable cars or cog wheel trains to reach some of our viewpoints; we enter secluded farm houses and will meet the farmer and his family; you will enjoy drinks and typical homemade food in their private rooms; you will meet and caress the cattle; if you wish we can look over the shoulder of an artisanal cheese maker who still produces his mountain cheese on the fireplace; if you like gigantic engineering we can visit one of the many hydro power plants which are built into the rocks high up in the mountains; or we discover the magic of mountain crystals and visit places of crystal finding together with a famous Swiss crystal-digger; we will stop for photo shootings and snapshots whenever you want: we do know thousands of breath-taking viewpoints and hidden treasures.

When you travel with Swisspecial, everything is included in our daily fee: all transportation all entry fees all food and beverage (no alcohol). Finally we bring you back to your hotel and we will share a lot of unforgettable adventures - you will receive all photos of the day in order to keep your memories forever!






If you need more hints for the unique Swiss experience, here are some more secrets to discover:
Traditional crafts - original Swiss cheese makers - original dining - culture and events - monuments and heroes - historic places - crystals and minerals - caves and canyons - waterfalls and mountain lakes - boat trips and hikes - ... and much more of Swiss excitements!