By boat to the Grotto

22 June   –   Over the mountains to Lake Lugano into a cool Grotto.

When the summer heat broods over Switzerland, you either go up to the mountains or into a cool “grotto” – a typical restaurant of Ticino, built entirely of stone or even hewn into the rock. Or you can do both in one day. The contrast of granite and snow-capped mountains to palm-lined shores in just one and a half hours can only be experienced in the south of Switzerland. When the motorboat roars over the mirror-smooth lake and the ancient little towns pass by like in a film, total relaxation is the order of the day. The whole thing is crowned with a typical Ticino lunch in a remote grotto and rounded off with a legendary handmade ice cream on the Italian side of the lake. And then it’s back over the Alpine passes into a seemingly totally different world. But we are still in (small) Switzerland! A uniquely intense day full of moments of happiness!