Experience snow with all senses

02 March 2020   –  Snow not only enchants landscapes. Come along on a journey of discovery for all senses.

When you enter a mountain world covered by a thick white blanket of snow, some people literally lose their hearing and sight. Sounds are absorbed by the soft, porous snow surface. This creates a mystical silence. The light is reflected millions of times by snow crystals. The colours explode. Odours of the ground do not penetrate through the snow and thus do not enter the atmosphere. One breathes crystal clear, unclouded air. There are many ways to experience this magic. Come with us, we have the whole repertoire ready for you. From cosy and romantic to sporty and adventurous. Unfortunately, winter experiences have one disadvantage: they are fleeting. As soon as the snow in the mountains melts in spring, the white magic is over. However, this is immediately associated with pleasant anticipation: Winter returns reliably every year!