Late autumn is no obstacle for adventure

02 November 2019   –   Lower temperatures, less sun, fading colours… these are no reasons for staying at home!

Thanks god we have so many adventurous guests to get the prove for this. The late autumn season offers mystical experiences outdoors as well as in a cosy dwelling. Get dressed approprietly, embark one of the many vehicles we can offer for your personal adventure and immerse yourself into your Swiss adventure.
Everything looks so different when mother nature prepares for her long winter sleep. Soak up the silence and follow the clouds, which are running over the water mirror of the mountain lake. Before our guests are even feeling the cold, we will enter a homey room and will enjoy one of the typical Swiss specialties, intended to warm both body and soul.
As you see: there is no “off season”! Every time of the year bears its own magic.
It is yours to discover and it is our pleasure to make it happen for you.