On rugged paths to the Super-Panorama

12 August   –   When was the last time you were amazed?

Magical moments and profound experiences do not just fall into your lap. Not even in the enchantingly beautiful Switzerland. They must first be discovered and then climbed. With our old-timer 4×4 vehicles, we will take you up steep mountain roads. Often the last part to our secret dream places will be done on foot, where you learn to marvel again. What moves you the most? A view into the snow mountains? A turquoise-green mountain lake? The monthly changing alpine flora? The view from the heights into the deeply incised mountain valleys? Or simply the feeling, far from all the problems of this world, of standing high up on a mountain and feeling free in this moment? No matter what, just be amazed and enjoy the panorama as much as the adventurous way to get there!