On rugged paths to the Super-Panorama

12 August   –   When was the last time you were amazed?

Mountains of treasures

17 July   –  On the track of true wealth.

By boat to the Grotto

22 June   –   Over the mountains to Lake Lugano into a cool Grotto.

Pizza feast in the high mountains

28 May   –  On adventurous ways to your most extraordinary pizza.

Recharge batteries after a “lost spring”

30 March 2020   –   Where can one achieve happiness and health better than in the mountains?

Experience snow with all senses

02 March 2020   –  Snow not only enchants landscapes. Come along on a journey of discovery for all senses.

Fall in love with your own Husky team

01 February 2020   –   If you ever dreamed of your own Husky team.

Exploring Alpine wilderness by snow crawler

03 January 2020   –   Exploring winter wonderland by snowmobile. Solitude, natural beauty, your private adventure.

Snow walk to the Cheese Fondue

15 December 2019   –   Romantic evening snow walk to the secluded mountain hut.

Late autumn is no obstacle for adventure

02 November 2019   –   Lower temperatures, less sun, fading colours… these are no reasons for staying at home!

Your personal Swiss cowbell

20 October 2019   –   Experience the old craft of bronze casting and the making of your own genuine Swiss cowbell.

The eyes of the mountains – Mountain lakes

14 September 2019   –   Let’s have a deep look into the soul of the mountains. Be prepared for emotional moments.

Sunrise in the mountains

23 August 2019   –   If you have never experienced sunrise in the mountains, it is time for it.

To nature, history and relish by 4-wheeler

6 August 2019   –   On dirt roads to the mountain secrets and to relish.

In love with farm animals

14 July 2019   –   When we arrive with our guests at a mountain farm, there is always a very warm welcome.

Small Cable Cars to Heaven

30 June 2019   –   Small cable cars are the lifeblood for many mountain farmers and great fun for our guests.

The Amazing Grace of Waterfalls

31 May 2019   –   When the snow is melting, the waterfalls are coming back to life.

Mountain Cheese Season 2019

17 May 2019   –   The snow has gone, our guests are tasting the new season mountain cheese.

Road Passes Opening

01 May 2019   –   First ride over the newly opened Alpine passes after the winter closing.

Hot Cheese – Cool View

24 March 2019   –   Imagine the most beautiful spot for your Swiss dining. What about that?

New exploration for you

17 March 2019   –   This is the adventure you always dreamed about: remote – quiet – breath taking – cosy – just yours.

Team incentive in the snow

08 February 2019   –   Success needs to be celebrated! Memorable days in the mountains for a successful team.

The magic of husky sledding

28 of January 2019   –   The most emotional way to enjoy nature is to cruise on a husky sled.

Fondue dinner in our secluded mountain hut

12 January 2019   –   Our Swiss national dish is served in our secluded mountain hut. All winter long.  

Family picnic in the snow

20 January 2019   –   Why would you stay in a restaurant when the outdoors are the most spectacular decoration?