To nature, history and relish by 4-wheeler

6 August 2019   –   On dirt roads to the mountain secrets and to relish.

You would need many hours of arduous hiking in order to discover as many hidden mountain secrets in one single day. No such thing: our guests are sitting in a historical Willys Jeep or in a comfortable SUV and we are comfortably climbing to panoramic summits and into dreamy valleys. Thanks to special permits for the use of rough Swiss military roads and on mountain farming trails. Our discoveries are countless and often spontaneous: rare wild flowers, wildlife, mountain creeks and snowfields. We will encounter climbers, mountain farmers, hunters and military troops. And there will be mystic facilities from World War 1 and 2 in the highest Alpine areas, as well as hydro power buildings and Alpine wind mills.
Of course we will have an ample rest at the most beautiful spot of the day. Accompanied by a glass of wine and a delicious pick nick. Either in a colourful mountain meadow or on a bench in front of a cosy mountain hut. Believe me or not: our guest don’t want to leave these places anymore! …try it out.